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Digital nomads
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About us

We are Christian and Mabel, a Spanish couple in our early 30s. We live in Algeciras, in a rent apartment.

We are beginners, that’s why we consider ourselves “Junior House Sitters”.

We have been house and pet sitting in Spain. We really like the experience and we have enjoyed lots. We feel comfortable and prepared to expand our boundaries. We are fully available in Europe, and open to other possibilities around the world.

We have university studies. Christian has a technical Telecommunication Engineering, and Mabel has a bachelor in English Studies.

Christian is from Cadiz, but he studied in Malaga and Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. After college, he went to work to Karlsruhe (Germany), where he lived 6 years. Within those 6 years, he explored Germany and travelled around EU. He has also travelled outside EU. He spent some weeks in Thailand, Morocco and Hungary, where he did couch surfing and shared lovely experiences with local hosts. Christian loves cycling. He spent two months travelling from Germany to Cadiz with his bicycle. In this adventure, he slept in local houses where he exchanged home tasks for a place to sleep.

Mabel is from Albacete, but studied in Granada and Dublin. She spent 3 years in Dublin working in a hostel and studying in Trinity College. Mabel has travelled as well within EU and outside it. She also went hitch-hiking around Iceland and slept in a tent surrounded by nature. Mabel worked as a Spanish Hostess for a cruise line, where she travelled around the world, from places like the Caribbean to the Emirates and Taiwan between others, and lived on the ship in a multicultural space for about three years.

Since we met, we have been travelling and exploring Spain together. We have enjoyed getting to know small villages and national parks. One of our favourite experience was when we stayed in a natural cave house for a week.

We are 100% digital nomads. We enjoy working from home, at our own rhythm, having a flexible schedule, that allow us to spend a lot of time at home with the pets and adapt ourselves to the pets schedule.

Mabel works as an online Spanish tutor with her project Discover Spanish World. Christian is the director of an online academy for digital nomads which helps people undertaking their online projects, he also has his own online business, PAM, about productivity and personal organization.

As digital nomads, we need a good quality internet connection, but we are willing to purchase an extra SIM data card in case of need, as long as there is good signal in the area.

We are healthy people, who love being in the nature, that’s why we are fond of outdoors activities like hiking, cycling, swimming and walking on the beach.

We grow up having animals at home, from hamsters and canary birds to cats and dogs. We also like plants, and every chance we have we reserve an area at home for a green haven to plant cherry tomatoes and aromatic plants.

We would like to have pets and more plants but due to our current situation we can’t. We also love exploring new places, meeting new people, and getting to know other cultures and traditions. For all this, we think house sitting is perfect to combine all our passions.

We are clean, tidy and organized. At home, we even organized in advance all our meals. We have been living in rent flats in Spain and outside it for many years, and we have always managed ourselves perfectly in all kinds of situations.

We both have international driving licence, and we can drive manual and automatic vehicles.

Why we want to house sit

We are fascinated by the values of this great community, aiming a shared economy. It is great to empower sustainability, in order to use the resources that already exist instead of generating more, expanding the values of solidarity towards a better society. As the quote says: “Sharing is caring”.

We are animal lovers. We would like to have pets, but we cannot so it is the perfect way to give all our love to pets that need our attention and care.

We absolutely love travelling slow because it gives us the opportunity of a deep immersion in the place and in the community. It also allows us to interact more with local people, learning about different cultures and traditions, sharing different points of views to enrich our minds.

We truly believe that house sitting is a great developer of important values like communication, commitment and trust.

Our experience

Our experience as pet sitters is mostly focused on the regular care of friends and family’s cats and dogs. All of them within Spain. We also had to take care of pets under medication.

Throughout our life, we have been taking care of other kind of animals like hamsters, little birds and fishes, so we have basic knowledge about how to take care of them. Although we don’t have any experience with farm animals, we are willing and happy to learn about that.

Regarding our “green thumbs”, we have some gardening experience. We are capable of doing the regular tasks like transplant, watering and prune.

About pool maintenance, we have the basic knowledge to clean the bottom and the surface of it.

We are fast learners, we are open to learn new skills that will make us improve our knowledge.


We would happily put you in contact through email with our referees for further information.

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